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CTL Cold-Pour Two-Part Resin


Mixed properties

Pack designed to contain factory dispensed quantities of resin & hardener

Specific gravity

1.40 Resin, 1.22 Hardener

Density (g/ml)

1.36 mixed system


Cream (standard)

Gel Time

20-30 minutes at 21º C for 200g mass

Peak Exotherm

54-75º C depending upon volume and ambient temperature.

Complete cure time

at 23º C - 24 hours

at 80º C - 1 hour

Shelf life

24 months when stored at 5ºC - 15º C.

Operating temperature

-40º C to +100º C continuous, for cured product

Thermal Conductivity


Tensile strength

45 MPa

Electrical strength


Health & safety

Each pack contains mixing instructions and carries health and safety warnings. H&S (COSHH) Information Sheet available upon request


No special labelling required for shipments by air, sea or road (UN No 2489, packaging group III)